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Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
24 October 2014 @ 09:19 pm
Hey, wanna give me some concrit? YOU BET YOU DO. Anon is turned on, IP logging turned off, and icons will be screened. Please, no flames, just constructive crit only. If you don't know what that means, pleaaaaaase look it up before you give it.
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
21 November 2010 @ 05:55 pm
I'm not at route_29 anymore! Please remove this journal!!
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
10 November 2010 @ 01:49 am
[Gin's still in Ecruteak, enjoying his bout of sightseeing. Rangiku being here... Looks like things were really going to get interesting. He could feel that the tension would only rise from here. Taking out a pokeball, he tosses it in the air, letting his Vulpix out for a breather, before he begins speaking into the PokeGear.]

There're sure some fine dancers here. Makes me wish the girls I know could dance like that. [*COUGH*RANGIKU*COUGH*]

[A pause.]

Feels kinda busy every Saturday, huh? Always somebody sayin' a lot on the network. 'Least y'can never feel too lonely. [Leans down and pets his Vulpix.]


Rangiku, y'wanna go watch the girls again?
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
04 November 2010 @ 12:05 am
[ Look at this completely non-suspicious guy! Why, he's dressed in a Rocket Grunt outfit and sitting on a rock! Looks like he's got a brush out and is grooming his Vulpix, which has unceremoniously flopped down in his lap and fallen asleep. ]

Hm~ This here place kinda reminds me o'Soul Society. ... Just kinda, though. [ Looks up at the different housing structures. ] I'm gettin' that urge ta jump onto the roofs and run around... Not that I can do that like this.

[ Huff. ]

Wonder if I should catch anythin' else or just lie around here... [ Checks his Gear. ] Ain't got no important messages either.

[ He goes silent a moment, thinking about something. ]

I really shoulda known you'd follow me here...

[ooc: please let it be known that Gin no longer has a Gyarados as i erased that fact for several reasons that make sense- I DONE GOOFED.]
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Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
28 October 2010 @ 02:43 pm
[The feed clicks on, and there's Gin grinning as wide as usual. He's got some good news~]

Looks like this here catchin' system ain't so bad. I managed ta catch my first monster here. [He turns the Gear to face his new partner...]


Ain't she cute? Now I got two. Not bad, if I say so myself. Her tail-end's got a face... I kinda like that there grin. Real good smile, there.

[ He sets the gear down and streeeetches. ] Haa, I got so inta chasin' this girl all around that I think I might be lost. [ Looks to his Vulpix and beams. ] Shinsou, how 'bout ya help out a bit? If ya do, I'll change yo' name ta somethin' real good. Promise.

[ The Vulpix stands up, yawning. She knows the way back to Mahogany, but for now she looks too lazy to want to actually do anything for her master... ]


Y'know, I got a perfect name fo' ya, actually. How about this... Ran-gi-ku~
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Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
[ When the feed turns on, there's a Girafarig looking quite weakened a little bit away, and there's a booted foot close to the PokeGear. The foot of a Rocket-- Gin. ]

Shinsou. [ His voice is stern, yet moderate in volume. A Vulpix comes into view, leaping towards the weakened Pokemon. ] Flamethrower.

[ The Vulpix takes in a deep breath before howling and blasting flames at the Girafarig, which barely manages to dodge the attack, suffering some damage from the hit. It staggers on its feet, panting. ]

Hmm~ Awful stubborn, ain'tcha. Shinsou, run into it fo' me.

[Shinsou appears to be the name of the Vulpix, and it nods its head before bolting towards the Girafarig, moving into a leap as it crashes its body against its opponent, sending them both flying a couple feet. Shinsou recovers quickly, landing on her feet, but the Girafarig is left barely standing.]

Might as well put this to an end, huh. [ Takes out a Pokeball, tossing it up and town, before he whips it at the downed foe. Suddenly, the Girafarig glares and manages to kick the ball away, before it's up and dashes off.]


Haa~aah. That ain't good! Come on, Shinsou, we oughtta catch it before it gets too far... [ Picks up the Gear and now the video is shaking all over the place as Gin is running after the escaping Pokemon. Who's the stubborn one now? ]
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
24 October 2010 @ 04:47 pm
[The video feed turns on, and there's a silver-haired man sitting atop a house. He's dressed in the Team Rocket grunt's uniform, and he's looking pretty content, what with that wide grin on his face. On his lap is a Vulpix, eyes closed in a similar fashion to his. The Pokemon is letting out purr-like sounds as the man strokes its back. He then looks to the PokeGear.]

Aaa~h. So I turned it on, huh... Well, s'bout time, technology sure is interestin'. [He doesn't seem too freaked out like most people are when they arrive. In fact, he's pretty chill.] Nice place here. I look forward ta more interestin' happenings... I could sure go fo' some dried persimmons right now...

[He seems to remember something.]


I fo'got t'introduce myself. [He grins even wider at the screen, almost threateningly.] Name's Ichimaru Gin... Nice ta meet'cha. Hope we can all get 'long.

If there's anybody there, I mean.

[ooc: I am now playing Ichimaru Gin at route_29 so if you are not in this game, please don't respond.]
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
04 June 2010 @ 11:01 pm
This journal name has been changed, as you can see. Foxface now lives as Grin Reaper.
Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
03 September 2009 @ 11:01 pm

Ichimaru Gin "Foxface"
23 July 2009 @ 12:40 pm
[Having tucked in the little tyke, Gin was getting a bit used to having to look after him. It was sort of like taking care of a pet. Except this one spoke, couldn't walk on walls, ate food faster than he did and also was a younger version of Kaien. Oh well. It was about 12:45am by the time Gin finally fell asleep... he was agitated about something but it finally wore off. In his room, wearing his blue silk jammies, Gin was positive nothing could go wrong.]

[ooc: :D ]